Archives 2018 Vol. 58, No. 5

Vol. 58, No. 5, 2018


Redefining the Critical Value of Significance Level (0.005 instead of 0.05):The Bayes Trace

Rubanovich A.V.
pp. 453-462

The Use of EPR Spectroscopy at System Analysis of Organism Radiosensitivity/Radioresistance. Experience and Tendencies

Sharygin V.L.
pp. 463-476

Modeling of the Main Clinical Manifestations of the Prodromal Stage of Acute Radiation Syndrome in Animals

Drachev I.S., Legeza V.I., Seleznev A.B., Grebenyuk A.N.
pp. 477-483

The Problem of Analysis of Post-Radiation Changes in the Number of γH2AX Fociin Asynchronous Cell Population

Grekhova A.K.,,, Pustovalova M.V.,, Eremin P.S., Yashkina E.I., Osipov A.N.,
pp. 484-489

Peculiarities of Immune Status in People Exposed to Chronic Irradiation and Having High Levels of Chromosomal Aberrations at Later Time Points

Akleyev A.A.,, Vozilova A.V., Dolgushin I.I.
pp. 490-497

Prognosis of Dynamics of Radiation-Induced Blood Neutrophil Count Accordingto the Results of Cytogenetic Research of the Peripheral Blood Lymphocyte Cultures in Cases of Acute Non-Uniform Exposures (Cytogenetic Investigations)

Nugis V. Yu.
pp. 498-510

Initiator Caspases-8 and -12 in the Processes of Realizing Selected Stages of Human Lymphocyte Apoptosis by UV-Radiation

Nakvasina M.A., Tokmakova E.V., Efremova D.S., Artyukhov V.G.
pp. 511-516

The Accumulation and Distribution of 90Sr and 137Cs Radionuclides in the System “Water–Dense Sediments–Macrophytes” of Lake Kuyash

Kablova K.V., Deryagin V.V., Levina S.G., Sutyagin A.A.
pp. 517-523

About Formation of Doses of External Irradiation of Surface Soil Layersin Pine Biogeocenoses in the Primary Period after Radioactive Fallout

Perevolotsky A.N., Perevolotskaya Т.V., Spiridonov S.I.
pp. 524-534

Comprehensive Assessment of the Possibility of Returning the Lands Subjectedto Radioactive Contamination into Agricultural Production

Miarzlova V.A., Shapsheyeva T.P.
pp. 535-547

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