Electronic Proofs

The PDF file of the galley proof is e-mailed to the authors for checking and correction. Files can be read and edited using Adobe Acrobat Reader (versions 9 and above), which can be downloaded free from the Internet (http://get.adobe.com/reader/).

Changes and notes must be made directly in the PDF file. We do not recommend use of other programs to correct PDF files, otherwise changes and notes may be lost during automatic processing of PDF files. For the same reason, the name of a PDF file and subject of the e-mail message must not be changed.

Recommendations for making corrections in a pdf file

Open the PDF file of your paper in Adobe Reader.

Users of Adobe Reader 10 and above:
  1. To make corrections, text correction tools should be used (after selecting the necessary text fragment). Alternatively, you can use additional tools available in the «Comment» menu at the top right part of the screen in «Annotations» and «Drawing Markups» tabs.
  2. When using correction tools it is necessary to highlight the required part of the text in the file and choose the appropriate option:

    • Delete text: Press «Del» button or right-click the mouse and choose «Cross out text».
    • Replace text: Press «Ins» or right-click the mouse and choose «Replace Text».
    • Highlight text: Right-click the mouse and choose «Highlight Text».
    • To insert text, place a cursor in the appropriate place in the text and press «Ins» or right-click the mouse and then choose «Insert text at cursor».

  3. To insert or replace text with text having complex formatting or a specific font, input the text in MS Word, copy it into clipboard and insert it into «Add Text Box» in the «Comment (Drawing Markups)» menu. Symbols that cannot be copied in this way can be drawn using «Draw free form» tool in the «Comment (Drawing Markups)» menu or the change can be described informally in words.
Users of Adobe Reader 9:
  1. If «Comment & Markup» is not present on the screen, it can be initialized for quick access: in the «Tools» menu select «Customize Toolbars…». In the window that opens check «Comment & Markup Toolbar» and tools that you are going to use. Click «OK».
  2. To use tools for making corrections to the text it is necessary to select a given fragment in the text and choose the appropriate correction tool:

    • To delete text, use the «Cross out text» tool (red).
    • Replace text, use the «Replace text» tool (blue).
    • To insert text without replacing existing text, use the «Insert text at cursor» tool in «Text Edits»; put the cursor in the necessary position and input the text.

  3. If you need to paste or replace text with complex formatting or specific print, type it in a text editor, copy, and paste in the remark or use the «Offset Line» tool. Symbols that lose formatting when being pasted in this way can be copied by the «Snapshot» tool, and pasted using the «Stamp» tool, drawn by the «Pencil» tool, or described in words.
For all versions of Adobe Reader:
  • Corrections must be clear and visible when a page is browsed through visually. Do not paste objects above the existing text.
  • When changing complex formulas and figures please refer to the original and use the «Draw free form» tool or copy and paste the appropriate item using the «Add stamp» tools in the «Comment (Drawing Markups)» menu.
  • When using drawing tools and inserting notes, first select a tool and then the appropriate place in the text.
  • For repeated changes use the search menu (Ctrl + F).
  • It is not recommended to use the «Add sticky note» tool for correcting text or individual symbols, because this tool does not directly point to symbols that have to be changed. «Add sticky note» can be used for leaving notes in the margins or in the upper part of the first page to indicate global changes.
  • If there are three or more changes in one string, we recommend replacing the entire string with its entire correct variant to avoid confusion and subsequent production errors.
  • In exceptional situations, when it is impossible to make corrections in the PDF file of the paper (for example, when a figure is replaced), a necessary file can be appended to the letter in a corresponding place using the «Add File» tool. Commentary explaining what is being replaced with what and for what reason must be placed nearby.

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Can a manuscript be rejected if it is not prepared in accordance with the rules for preparation of manuscripts?

Yes, in this case the paper can be rejected.

Do i have to pay a publication fee?

No. There is no publication fee.

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