Archives 2023 Vol. 63, № 4

Vol. 63, № 4, 2023


Cataractogenic Effects оf Low-Dose Radiation with Low LET: More not Than There. Report 1. Statement оf the Problem аnd Experiments оn Animals

A. N. Koterov, L. N. Ushenkova
pp. 341–354

Cataractogenic Effects of Low-Dose Radiation with Low Let: More not Than There. Report 2. Epidemiological Studies

A. N. Koterov, L. N. Ushenkova
pp. 355–386

On the Relationship of Natural and Modified Radioresistance with Mast Cell Reactivity

I. B. Ushakov, A. N. Kordenko
pp. 387–393

The Comet Assay Did Not Reveal a Decrease in DNA Damage to Lymphocytes when Exposed to X-Ray Radiation under the Action of Na-Cu-chlorophyllin

L. A. Romodin, M. A. Ignatov
pp. 394–402

Radionuclide Content in Needles of Pinus sylvestris L. in Conditions of the Karachay-Cherkessia Republic (Western Caucasus)

M. Z. Mollaeva, F. A. Tembotova, A. M. Gangapshev, V. V. Kazalov, and A. M. Gezhaev
pp. 403–410

The Plutonium Uptake by Plants (Review)

A. A. Shupik, M. A. Edomskaya, B. I. Synzynys, and K. E. Shavrina
pp. 411–420

State of the Scots Pine Seed Progeny from the Polessky State Radiation-Ecological Reserve, Belarus

S. А. Geras’kin, D. V. Vasiliev, М. А. Lichenkova, and М. V. Kudin
pp. 421–431

Military Doctors are Members of the Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences for Radiobiology

A. N. Grebenyuk,
pp. 432–440

XXII International Youth Scientific School A.S. Saenko “Modern Problems оf Radiobiology”

I. A. Zamulaeva
pp. 441–446

To the 60th Anniversary of the Birth of Ravil Manikhovich Takhauov

pp. 447–448

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