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The journal is issued 6 times a year.

The journal publishes the results of research on the effects caused by the action of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation in biomaterials at all levels of its organization — from molecular to ecosystem: radiation chemistry of biomolecules and biophysics of radiobiological processes; molecular and cellular radiobiology; radiation genetics and cytogenetics; radiation biochemistry, pathophysiology, hematology and pathomorphology of irradiated animals and humans; clinical radiobiology; anti-radiation means; toxicology of radionuclides, radiation epidemiology.

We publish reviews on current problems of radiobiology and radioecology, reviews on the latest books and scientific chronicles.

The Journal has been established in 1961.


The journal is peer-reviewed, it is included in the list of VAK and the RINC system. 

Section Policies

  • general radiobiology
  • molecular radiobiology
  • cellular radiobiology
  • radiation genetics
  • radiation cytogenetics
  • radiation biochemistry
  • radiation microbiology
  • radiation immunology
  • radiobiology of plants
  • modification of radiation effects
  • radiation epidemiology
  • study of the consequences of radiation accidents
  • radiation oncology
  • The theoretical basis of radiotherapy of tumors
  • Non-ionizing radiation
  • radionuclides
  • radioecology
  • methodology of scientific research
  • methodological basis of radiobiological experiments
  • Reviews
  • Chronicle

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Must the original files of illustrations be submitted along with the manuscript?

Yes, by all means. The original of an illustration is the file of illustration in its original format. Photographs should best be submitted in tiff format with the resolution at least 300 dpi.

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