Meet the Editor


Alexander Grebenyuk

MD, PhD, Dr. Sci. (Med.), Prof., Vice President of the Russian Radiobiological Society, Member of the Scientific Council on Radiobiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences


Professor of Radiobiology and Toxicology, Department of Health Protection and Disaster Medicine, Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University, St. Petersburg, Russia;

Professor of Toxicology, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Saint Petersburg State Chemical and Pharmaceutical University, St. Petersburg, Russia

Research Interests

Medical radiobiology, radiation pharmacology, radiation immunology, radiation safety, toxicology, disaster medicine

Current Issue


Can the publication be accelerated? What should be done for that?

No, it is impossible to accelerate the publication.

Must the original files of illustrations be submitted along with the manuscript?

Yes, by all means. The original of an illustration is the file of illustration in its original format. Photographs should best be submitted in tiff format with the resolution at least 300 dpi.

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