Archives2020V. 60. №6.pp. 622–626


Evaluation of the Hazards of Electromagnetic Fields on the Morphofunctional Condition of the Thyroid Gland

Yu. G. Grigoryeva,b, Z. A. Vorontsovac, and I. B. Ushakovaa

aA.I. Burnazyan State Scientific Center – Federal Medical Biophysics CenterFMBA of Russia, Moscow, Russia bRussian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, Moscow, Russia cN.N. Burdenko Voronezh State Medical University, Voronezh, Russia


The paper presents the results of publication materials of Russian and foreign scientists investigating the effects of electromagnetic fields from mobile communications systems on the thyroid gland. The incidence of thyroid cancer is increasing in many countries and a number of researchers attribute this effect to the widespread exposure to electromagnetic fields from mobile communications. Thyroid cancer is said to be the fastest growing disease in the United States. A great number of scientists recommend conducting additional research in connection with the introduction of new technologies in the system of mobile communications standards (5G standard). An increased risk of damage to the thyroid gland as a critical endocrine organ induces indirect bioeffects of electromagnetic effects at the level of the whole body. Recommendations are given on reducing the electromagnetic load on the body of a user using cellular communications.


cellular communication, mobile phones, electromagnetic fields, thyroid gland

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