Archives 2020 V. 60. №6.

V. 60. №6., 2020


Hill’s Criteria “Experiment”. Counterfactual Approach in Non-Radiation and Radiation Sciences

A. N. Koterova, L. N. Ushenkovaa, and A. P. Biryukova
pp. 565–594

Study of the Mechanism of Dioxidine Genotoxicity using lux-Biosensors of Escherichia coli

D. A. Sviridova, E. A. Machigov, E. V. Igonina, B. S. Zhoshibekova, S. K. Abilev
pp. 595–603

Radioprotective Properties of Diserotonin Ester of Succinic Acid under the Condition of Acute and Prolonged γ-60Co Irradiation at Head and Abdominal Shielding

M. V. Vasina,b, R. V. Afanasieva, L. A. Semenovaa, A. A. Galkina
pp. 604–608

Influence of Combined Effects of Variable Magnetic Field and Lead Pollution on the Biological Propertiesof Soils in the South of Russia

T. V. Denisovaa, M. S. Mazankoa, and S. I. Kolesnikov
pp. 609–621

Evaluation of the Hazards of Electromagnetic Fields on the Morphofunctional Condition of the Thyroid Gland

Yu. G. Grigoryeva,b, Z. A. Vorontsovac, and I. B. Ushakovaa
pp. 622–626

5G Standard – Technological Leap Ahead for Cellular Communication. Will There be a Problem with the Health of the Population? (Diving in problem)

Yu. G. Grigorieva,b
pp. 627-634

Thorium Concentrations in the Environment: A Review of the World Data S.

S. V. Fesenkoa and E. S. Emlutinaa
pp. 647-660

Evaluation of the Concentration of Gaseous Compound of Tritium in Places of Nuclear Tests at the Semipalatinsk Test Site О.

О. N. Lyakhova, S. N. Lukashenko, L. V. Timonova, N.V. Larionova, and D. V. Turchenko
pp. 635-646

Assessment of Dose and Environmental Risk to Biota in the Area of Mining and Chemical Combine

A. A. Buryakovaa, I. I. Krysheva, T. G. Sazykinaa, M. V. Vedernikovaи, and S. V. Panchenkoи
pp. 661–670

Comment on Jourdain et al. Article “Is Exposure to Ionizing Radiation Associated with Childhood Cardiac Arrhythmia in the Russian Territories Contaminated by the Chernobyl Fallout? A Cross-Sectional Population-Based Study”

R. I. Goncharova
pp. 671–672

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