Meet the Editor

Nugis Vladimir Yu.

Vladimir Nugis

PhD, Dr. Sci. (Biol.), Member of the Federal Interdepartmental Expert Council on the establishment of a causal relationship of diseases, disability and death of citizens exposed to radiation factors


Head of the Laboratory of Radiation Hematology and Cytogenetics, Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center, Federal Medical Biological Agency, Moscow, Russia

Research Interests

Radiation cytogenetics, radiation hematology, biological dosimetry, dose indications in the early and long-term period after radiation exposure, radiation medicine, radiation oncohematology

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Can the publication be accelerated? What should be done for that?

No, it is impossible to accelerate the publication.

Is it possible to submit a manuscript and all the accompanying documents via e-mail?

Yes. Most of the journals accept submissions via e-mail .

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