Meet the Editor

Zasukhina Galina Dmitrievna

Zasukhina Galina

PhD, Dr. Sci. (Med.), Prof., D.I. Ivanovsky Prize of the Russian Academy of Sciences winner, Member of the Scientific Council on Radiobiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences


Senior Researcher, Department of Ecological Genetics, Vavilov Institute of General Genetics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

Research Interests

Radiation genetics, human genetics, epigenetics, environmental genetics, radiation pharmacology, reactions of normal and malignant cells exposed to radiation

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Are the authors provided with pdf files of their articles?

Yes, authors are provided with pdf filesThe files are sent to the authors' addresses specified in the file "Information about authors".

Can a manuscript be rejected if it is not prepared in accordance with the rules for preparation of manuscripts?

Yes, in this case the paper can be rejected.

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