Archives 2022 Vol. 62, № 2

Vol. 62, № 2, 2022


Causal Criteria in Medical and Biological Disciplines: History, Essence and Radiation Aspect. Report 4, Part 1: Post Hill Criteria and Ecological Criteria

A. N. Koterov, L. N. Ushenkova
pp. 115–163

Changes in the Concentration of Extracellular DNA and Leukocytes in the Peripheral Blood in the Early Stages of Development of Radiation Cystitis in Rats

I. N. Vasilyeva, O. V. Korytov, S. D. Ivanov, A. L. Semenov, V. G. Bespalov, L. I. Korytova
pp. 164–170

Analysis of Markers of Oxidative Damage of Neurons and Neuroinflammation Late after γ-Irradiation of the Mice Head at Different Doses

E. Yu. Moskaleva, A. V. Rodina, Yu. P. Semochkina, O. V. Vysotskaya
pp. 171–179

The Use of the Method of Assessing the Secretoma of the Skin Mast Cells to Determine the Possible Individual Radiomodifying Effect of Hypoxia

I. B. Ushakov, А. N. Kordenko
pp. 180–184

Dynamics of 137Cs Concentration in Fodders in the Long-Term after the Chernobyl Accident

S. V. Fesenko, P. V. Prudnikov, N. N. Isamov, E. S. Emlyutina, I. E. Titov
pp. 185–195

Verification of Migration-dosimetric Model of Formation of Radiation Situation in Pine Stands in First Year after Emergency Fallout

A. N. Perevolotsky, Т. V. Perevolotskaya, S. A. Geras’kin
pp. 196–205

Radionuclides in Soils, Waters and Surface Air in Certain Mountainous Areas of Uzbekistan

N. N. Bazarbayev, A. K. Ivanov, A. H. Inoyatov, O. B. Mamatkulov, I. T. Muminov, T. M. Muminov,, L. T. Nurmuradov, A. A. Safarov, A. T. Khudaiberdiev
pp. 206–219

VIII Congress on Radiation Research (Radiobiology, Radioecology, Radiation Safety) Moscow, October 12–15, 2021

V. I. Naidich

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