Archives 2022 Vol. 62, № 6

Vol. 62, № 6, 2022


MicroRNA: Role in Gene Regulation, Disease Prognosis, Radiotherapy and in the Activity of Radioprotectors

Saleeva D. V., Raeva N. F., Sviridova D. A., Zasukhina G. D.,
pp. 565-577

Effect of Ionizing Radiation on Cytokine Status (Literature Review)

Rybkina V. L., Azizova T. V., Adamova G. V., Oslina D. S.
pp. 578–590

The Composition of Micronuclei in T-Lymphocytes in Women Affected by Chronic Radiation Exposure

Akhmadullina Yu. R.,
pp. 591–601

Cytotoxic and Photosensitizing Properties of Lichen Extracts against Human Tumor Cell Line (MCF-7)

Matveyenkau M. V.and Khramchankova V. M.
pp. 602–614

Resonant Absorption of Microwaves by DNA Molecules

Ikhlov B. L., Volkhin I. L., and Oshchepkov A. Yu.
pp. 615–619

Effect of γ-Irradiation of Seeds on Intravariety Variability of Quantitative Characters of Yellow Lupin

Novik N. V., Geras'kin S. A., and Yakub I. A.
pp. 620–628

Cytogenetic Effects in Feather Grass Populations from the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site

Geras’kin S. A., Minkenova К. S., Perevolotskaya Т. V., and Perevolotsky А. N.
pp. 629–644

Accumulation of Radionuclides in Liver of Three Species of Wild Ungulates in Bryansk Region

Pelgunov A. N. and Pelgunova L. A.
pp. 645–649

Dynamics of the Radioecological Situation in the Observation Area of FSUE “Mayak Production Association”

Pavlova N. N., Kryshev I. I., and Kryshev A. I.
pp. 650–659

Assessment of the Radiation Situation in Reference Areas of Agricultural Lands of the Vladimir Region

Utkin A. A.
pp. 660–672

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