Archives 2021 V. 61. № 4

V. 61. № 4, 2021


Approaches to the Cytogenetic Assessment of the Dose due to Radiation Exposure of the Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue

E. I. Tolstykha, M. O. Degtevaa, A. V. Vozilovaa, A. V. Akleyeva,b
pp. 339-352

Cytogenetic Anomalies Blood Lymphocytes in Siberian Group of Chemical Enterprises Exposed to Occupational Irradiation

D. S. Isubakovaa, M. V. Khalyuzovaa, N. V. Litviakova,b, E. V. Bronikovskayaa, T. V. Usovaa, A. B. Karpova, R. M. Takhauova
pp. 353-366

Regulation of Gene Activity is One of the Mechanisms of Radiosensitivity Changе

V. F. Mikhailov, L. V. Shulenina
pp. 367-379

The Effectiveness of Glauber's Salt as an Antidote Therapy for the Incoration of Radioactive Particles

G. V. Kozmina, S. G. Shapovalova, A. S. Zenkinb, V. A. Budarkovc
pp. 380-393

Plutonium in the Environment: Sources, Dissemination Mechanisms, Concentrations

S. N. Lukashenko, M. A. Edomskaya
pp. 394–424

Main Results of Scientific Research in the Field of Radiobiology for 2020

V. I. Naidich
pp. 425-439

In Memory of Yuri Grigorievich Grigoriev

pp. 440-446

In Memory of Nikolai Ilyich Ryabchenko

pp. 447-448

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