Archives2021V. 61. №2.pp. 174–179


Analysis of the Results of the Prolonged Influence of EMP on the Cognitive Functions of the Progeny of Irradiated Rats

V. V. Panfilova, O. I. Kolganova, and O. F. Chibisova

A. Tsyb Medical Radiological Research Center – branch of the National Medical Research Radiological Center of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Obninsk, Russia


The article shows the results of experimental work to assess the psychophysiological status of the offspring of the first generation of Wistar rats, which were exposed to prolonged electromagnetic radiation in the mobile range. Irradiation conditions: carrier frequency 1800 MHz, the zone of the formed wave, EFD 85 μW/cm2, the distance from the radiation source 1.3 m, 1 hour per day. Males and females were irradiated 18 days before mating, then females were irradiated from 5 to 17 days of pregnancy. The cognitive (memorable) functions of the brain of offspring were evaluated by their ability to develop and reproduce the conditioned reflex of active avoidance (CRAA). In males of the first generation, deviations in conditioned reflex activity were not detected. In females of the first generation, a decrease in the learning rate and a damage of long-term memory were found.


Wistar rats, offspring, conditioned reflex activity, electromagnetic radiation, mobile communications, anechoic chamber

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