Archives2021V. 61. №2.pp. 158–166


The Influence of the Superoxide Dismutase Preparation “Rexod®” on Survival of CFUs in С57ВL/6 Mice

A. V. Akleyeva,b, I. A. Shaposhnikovaa, I. V. Churilovac, A. N. Grebenyukc,d, and E. A. Pryakhina

aUrals Research Center for Radiation Medicine of the Federal Medical-Biological Agency of Russia, Chelyabinsk, Russia bChelyabinsk State University, Chelyabinsk, Russia cState Research Institute of Highly Pure Biopreparations of the Federal Medical-Biological Agency of Russia, St. Petersburg, Russia dPavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University, Saint Petersburg, Russia


Radioprotective efficiency of the preparation Rexod® (State Research Institute of Highly Pure Biopreparations of the Federal Medical-Biological Agency of Russia) containing recombinant human superoxide dismutase (SOD) has been investigated in terms of survival and proliferative activity of hematopoietic stem cells in male С57Вl/6 mice of SPF category following acute external γ-irradiation. The animals were subjected to acute total γ-irradiation with the γ-unit IGUR-1M (4 sources of 137Cs). The dose of γ-exposure was within the range 3.0–7.5 Gy, and the absorbed dose-rate was 0.78 Gy/min. A single dose of 180 mg/kg (in 1 ml total volume) recombinant SOD was aministered intraperitoneal 15 minutes prior to irradiation. Mice from the control group similarly received the same volume but of normal saline. Radioprotective properties of SOD were assessed based on the number of CFU (endotest), nucleated cells in bone marrow and thymus, erythrocytes and leukocytes in the peripheral blood, and mass of thymus and spleen. It was shown that the use of SOD makes it possible to increase the survival of CFUs after acute subleathal γ-irradiaition of mice. The registered changes in the CFUs amount and in other hematological parameters testify to the fact that the administered SOD stimulates hematopoiesis in spleen. The revealed stimulatory effect of SOD on the erythropoiesis and the number of nucleated cells in thymus both in irradiatied and non-irradiated animals opens up new opportunities for the use of the preparation and requires further studies of the mechanisms of the detected effects.


ionizing radiation, superoxide dismutase, hematopoietic stem cells, CFUs, survival

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