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Comparative Effectiveness of Singful Cultivated Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MMSC) and Freshly Isolated Cells of Stromal-Vascular Fraction (SVF) of Fat Tissue in the Treatment of Severe Local Radiation Lesions in the Experiment

Yu. B. Deshevoi, V. G. Lebedev, T. A. Nasonova, O. A. Dobrynina, A. V. Lyrshhikova, T. A. Astrelinaa, and B. B. Moroz

Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center of Federal Medical Biological Agency of Russia, Moscow, Russia


In the same experiments, the effectiveness of cultivated MMSC and freshly allocated SVF cells of adipose tissue in the treatment of severe local radiation lesions was compared. The Wistar-Kyoto inbred line was exposed to local X-ray radiation in the back at 110 Gy (30 kV tube voltage, amperage 6.1 mA, filter 0.1 mm Al), dose rate of 20.0 Gy/min. Radiation led to the development of severe skin lesions with long-term (up to 3.5–4 months) non-healing radiation ulcers without critical radiation load on the tissue in question. Three experiments have been carried out. MMSC transplants were carried out in all experiments twice on 27 and 34 days after radiation. SVF cells in two experiments were injected twice (on 14 and 26 days or on 27 and 34 days), and in the 3rd three times on 21, 35 and 42 days after radiation. The suspension of MMSC or SVF cells in 1 ml of Henks sterile solution was injected under the skin at 5 points around the lesion zone, retreating 5 mm from the edge of the ulcer. The number of transplanted cells in one introduction was: MMSC – 1.5–2.8 × 106 and SVF – 2.5–2.7 × 106. Cell therapy reduced the severity of local radiation lesions and accelerated the healing rate of radiation ulcers. The therapeutic effectiveness of MMSC and SVF cells in our experiments was roughly the same.


X-ray radiation, radiation skin ulcers, cell transplantation, mesenchymal stem cells, cells of stromal- vascular fraction of fat tissue

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