Archives 2021 V. 61. №2.

V. 61. №2., 2021


The Methodology of EPR Spectroscopy using in Analysis of Physical and Chemical Mechanisms of Radio-Genetics Damages in Animal and Human Organisms

V. L. Sharygin
pp. 117–132

Hypertension Incidence Risk in a Cohort of “Mayak” PA Workers Exposed to Radiation over Prolonged Periods

T. V. Azizova, K. V. Briks, M. V. Bannikova, and E. S. Grigoryeva
pp. 133–143

Cytostatic and Radiomodifying Effects of D-Glucosamine on Human Cells in Culture

N. Ya. Giliano, M. M. Dubotolova, L. A. Noskin, L. V. Konevega, S. I. Stepanov, and F. M. Ibatullin
pp. 144–150

Comparative Effectiveness of Singful Cultivated Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MMSC) and Freshly Isolated Cells of Stromal-Vascular Fraction (SVF) of Fat Tissue in the Treatment of Severe Local Radiation Lesions in the Experiment

Yu. B. Deshevoi, V. G. Lebedev, T. A. Nasonova, O. A. Dobrynina, A. V. Lyrshhikova, T. A. Astrelinaa, and B. B. Moroz
pp. 151–157

The Influence of the Superoxide Dismutase Preparation “Rexod®” on Survival of CFUs in С57ВL/6 Mice

A. V. Akleyeva,b, I. A. Shaposhnikovaa, I. V. Churilovac, A. N. Grebenyukc,d, and E. A. Pryakhina
pp. 158–166

Behavioral Activity and Cortycosterone Level in the Mice Blood Serum During the 7-day Exposure to Nanosecond Microwave Pulses

А. V. Samoylovaa,b,c, М. А. Bolshakova,c, L. P. Zharkovaa,c, А. А. Gostyuhinaa,d, О. P. Kutenkova, and V. V. Rostova
pp. 167–173

Analysis of the Results of the Prolonged Influence of EMP on the Cognitive Functions of the Progeny of Irradiated Rats

V. V. Panfilova, O. I. Kolganova, and O. F. Chibisova
pp. 174–179

The Effect of Low-Dose γ-Radiation on Cytogenetic Endpoints of Onion (Allium cepa) Seedlings in Experiments of Various Durations

A. V. Zueva, E. A. Trofimova, D. V. Dementyev, and A. Ya. Bolsunovsky
pp. 180–188

Analysis of Cytogenetic and Cytotoxic Effects of Radiation on Red Blood Cells of Fish Inhabiting in Reservoirs the Territory of Polessky State Radiation-ecological Reserve

A. V. Gulakova, D. N. Drozdova, and D. M. Ivantsoub
pp. 189–196

Radionuclides in the Major Components and Lakeside Soils of the Ecosystem of the lake Malye Kirpichiki (EURT)

V. V. Deryagina S. G. Levinaa, A. V. Akleyevb,c, and A. A. Sutyagina
pp. 197–205

At the Dawn of Radiation Genetics

G. B. Smirnov
pp. 206–213

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