Archives2020V. 60. №6.pp. 661–670


Assessment of Dose and Environmental Risk to Biota in the Area of Mining and Chemical Combine

A. A. Buryakovaa, I. I. Krysheva, T. G. Sazykinaa, M. V. Vedernikovaи, and S. V. Panchenkoи

aResearch and Production Association “Typhoon” Obninsk, Russia иNuclear Safety Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia


Estimates of the radiation dose rate and environmental risk were made. It were based on data from long-term monitoring of the radiation situation for hydrobionts of the Yenisei river and reference organisms of terrestrial biota in the area of «Mining and Chemical Combine» (MCC). It was shown that the dose loads on reference organisms of river biota decreased after the decommissioning of the last nuclear reactor in the spring of 2010. Radiation doses for fish and shellfish were 17 and 3 times lower than in 2000–2010. Doses for reference organisms
of terrestrial biota haven’t changed much in 2011–2019. Dose loads and their contribution to environmental risks for terrestrial biota were significantly lower than for hydrobionts of the Yenisei. However, radiation doses and risks to river biota in the near zone of MCC didn’t exceed the derived consideration reference levels.


Mining and Chemical Combine, monitoring, Yenisei river, radiation doses, reference organisms, hydrobionts, terrestrial biota, environmental risk

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