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5G Standard – Technological Leap Ahead for Cellular Communication. Will There be a Problem with the Health of the Population? (Diving in problem)

Yu. G. Grigorieva,b

aA.I. Burnazyan Federal Medical and Biophysical Center, Moscow, Russia bRussian Commission for Protection Against Non-Ionizing Radiation, Moscow, Russia


The issues of introducing 5G standard in a cellular communication system are considered. Unlike the existing wireless technologies 2G, 3G and 4G, which use electromagnetic fields of the radio frequency range (EMF RF), the 5G standard works with millimeter waves (MMW) while distributing the IoT (Internet of Things) program – Internet connection between «things», both at home use, and other objects, for example, in transport, in production. For the stable additional delivery of MMW to the entire territory of our planet, currently more than 800 satellites are already in space. MMW easily shielded. The spread of MMW is affected by weather conditions. Given this, only skin and mucous membranes will be affected. When assessing the danger of MMW, a new critical organ arises – the functional system of the skin. The brain remains a critical organ for 3 and 4G technologies. This fundamental difference raises new questions. Firstly, the technical part of providing this type of communication (a larger number of base station antennas with a phased array per unit area with support via satellite). Secondly, the lack of methods for measuring the MMW in the «near zone», an agreed methodology of hygienic regulation. There are only assumptions about the possible biological effects
of lifelong exposure to MMW on populations and ecosystems. Targeted research has not yet been conducted. The significance of radiobiological criteria and the degree of risk are examined critically, taking into account the combined effects on the population of EMFs of different frequencies. Recommendations are formulated to reduce the electromagnetic load on the body.


5G standard, millimeter waves, cellular, critical organ, skin, sclera of the eye, hazard reduction recommendations

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