Archives 2020 V. 60. № 2.

V. 60. № 2., 2020


Hill’s Criteria “Temporality”. Reverse Causation and its Radiation Aspect

A. N. Koterova, L. N. Ushenkova, and A. P. Biryukov
pp. 115–152

Research of the Effect of Proton Radiation on the Brain Proteome of Mouse

A. V. Litvinchuka,c, Е. S. Zorinab, А. Т. Коpylovb, V. О. Popovaa, О. К. Leginaa, N. L. Ronzhinaa, N. А. Verlova, J. L. Каrlina, V. V. Lysenkoa, V. F. Еzhova,d and S. N. Naryzhnya,b
pp. 153–162

Danio rerio as an Experimental Model in Radiobiology

A. A. Livanova, A. V. Zavirsky, and V. Yu. Kravtsov
pp. 163-174

Prospects for Inhalation Delivery of Medical Protectors in Radiation Damage

I. M. Ivanov, A. S. Nikiforov, M. A. Yudin, S. V. Chepur, Y. A. Proshina, and A. M. Sventitskaya
pp. 175–188

Variability in Populations of Plant Test-organisms in Water Bioindications with an Increased Content of Heavy Natural Radionuclides, Chemical Pollution and Insufficient of Biogenes

I. S. Bodnar, E. V. Cheban and N. G. Rachkova
pp. 189–202

Mathematical Model of Radionuclide Distribution in the System “Aboveground Plant Phytomass–Soil Surface” for Chronic Radioactive Fallout in the Forest Biogeocenosis

Т. V. Perevolotskaya and A. N. Perevolotsky
pp. 203–210

Modern Levels of Long-lived Radioisotopes of Plutonium in Bottom Sediments of Salt Lakes of the Crimea

N. N. Tereshchenkoa, A. V. Trapeznikovb, A. A. Paraskiva, V. Yu. Proskurnina, and A. P. Plataevb
pp. 211–221

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Yes, by all means. The original of an illustration is the file of illustration in its original format. Photographs should best be submitted in tiff format with the resolution at least 300 dpi.

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