Archives 2019 Vol. 59, No. 5

Vol. 59, No. 5, 2019


Radiation Biology of Structurally Different Drosophila Genes. Report VIII. The white Gene: General Characteristic of Radiomutability and PCR Assay of Gene “Point” Mutations

Kravchenko E.V., Rusakovich A.N., Elnoamany F., Dubovic S.V., Hassab El-Nabi S.E., Alexandrova M.V., Alexandrov I.D.
pp. 453-464

Clarification for Classification of Chromosome Aberrations with Solid Stainingto Account for Clustogenic Effects of Radionuclide and Complex Contamination

Stolbova V.V., Mamikhin S.V., Kotelnikova A.D.,, Prohorova S.A., Zaitseva M.V.
pp. 465-474

Study of the Prooxidant and Antioxidant Activityof Anti-radiation Agents with lux-Biosensors

Abilev S.K., Sviridova D.A., Grebenyuk A.N., Igonina E.V., Smirnova S.V.
pp. 475-487

The Use of Radioprotective Agents to Prevent the Effects Associated with Aging

Bykov V.N., Grebenyuk A.N., Ushakov I.B.
pp. 488-502

Designing Recombinant Plasmids Coding Hematopoietic Factors SCF, G-CSF, and FLT-3L and Study of Their Effect on Hematologic Characteristics in Mice

Vlasova O.A., Kravtsov I.S., Bagnaev I.V., Kovshar E.A., Kruglova A.A., Nikiforov A.S., Sventickaya A.M.
pp. 503-515

Effect of Fractionated Low-LET Radiation Exposure on Cervical Cancer Stem Cells under Experimental and Clinical Conditions

Matchuk O.N., Zamulaeva I.A., Selivanova E.I., Mkrtchyan L.S., Krikunova L.I., Saburov V.O., Lychagin A.A., Kuliyeva G.Z., Yakimova A.O., Khokhlova A.V., Ivanov S.A., Kaprin A.D.
pp. 516-526

Effects of Proton Irradiation on Cognitive Puzzle-box Task Solutionin Mice and Adult Brain Neurogenesis

Poletaeva I.I., Perepelkina O.V., Ogienko N.A., Tarassova A. Yu., Lilp I.G., Koshlan I.V.,, Pavlova G.V., Krasavin E.A.
pp. 527-531

Effects of Cranial Exposure to 170 MeV Proton Radiation at a Dose of 5 Gy on the Visual Behavior and Optomotor Response of Adults Rats

Severyukhin Y.S.,, Feldman T.B.,, Ostrovsky M.А.,,, Molokanov A.G.
pp. 532-537

Peculiar Properties of the Effect of γ-Radiation on Seeds of Allium odorum L

Filippov E.V., Filippova G.V.
pp. 538-545

The Role of Natural Organic Substances in the Migration Processes of Tritium

Chebotina M.J., Polyakov E.V., Guseva V.P.
pp. 546-552

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