Archives 2019 Vol. 59, No. 1

Vol. 59, No. 1, 2019


Approaches to Estimating the External Irradiation of Various Biota Species

Panchenko S.V., Blokhin P.A., Kizub P.A., Gavrilina E.A.
pp. 75-81

Causal Criteria in Medical and Biological Disciplines: History, Essenceand Radiation Aspect. Report 1. Problem Statement, Conceptionof Causes and Causation, False Associations

Koterov A.N.
pp. 5-36

Comparative Analysis of the Frequency of Stillbirth in the Radiation-Contaminated Territories of the Bryansk Region after the Chernobyl Disaster (1986–2016)

Korsakov A.V., Hoffmann V., Pugach L.I., Lagerev D.G.
pp. 46-57

Conceptual Provisions of the Dosimetric Model of Irradiation from Chronic Radioactive Fallout on Plants in Radiation Biogeocenosis

Perevolotsky A.N., Perevolotskaya Т.V., Spiridonov S.I.
pp. 94-102

Experimental Justification of Approaches to Development of Pathogenetic Meansof Prevention and Treatment of Early Postradiation Gastrointestinal Disorders

Drachev I.S., Legeza V.I., Seleznev A.B., Grebenyuk A.N.
pp. 58-62

Impact of Radiation Factor on Average Survival Time for Chernobyl Clean-up Workers with Solid Cancer

Gorski А.I., Maksioutov М.А., Tumanov K.A., Kochergina E.V., Ivanov V.K.
pp. 37-45

Influence of Exposure to Different Capacities of Natural Radiation on Physiological and Biochemical Characteristics of Different Plant Species

Khlebnyy E.S., Sleptsov I.V., Zhuravskaya A.N.
pp. 68-74

Investigation of UV Modification for Free and Immobilizedon the Chitosan Matrix Collagenase

Holyavka M.G., Pankova S.M., Vyshkvorkina Yu. M., Lukin A.N., Artyukhov V.G.
pp. 63-67

Mineral Density of Bone Tissue as a Deposit Factor for 90Sr: Experimental Data

Starichenko V.I.
pp. 103-112

Reaction of Erythropoiesis on Trypanosomal Invasion in Fish Inhabiting the Radioactive Contaminated Techa River

Tryapitsyna G.A.,, Pryakhin E.A., Osipov D.I., Egoreichenkov E.A.,, Rudolfsen G.,, Teyen H.-K., Sneve M., Akleyev A.V.,
pp. 82-93

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