Archives 2019 Vol. 59, No. 6

Vol. 59, No. 6, 2019


Features of the Expression of NF-kB Pathway Genes in Tissues of Irradiated Mice and in Old Animals

A. E. Bigildeev, Yu. F. Chepurnykh, N. A. Petinati, N. J. Drize
pp. 565-574

Analyzis of Exploratory Rearing and Microglia Level after γ-Irradiation of Mice at Sublethal Doses

A.V. Rodina, Yu.P. Semochkina, M.G. Ratushnyak, V.G. Shuvatova, G. A. Posypanova, E.Yu. Moskaleva
pp. 575-584

Evaluation Efficiency of Different antiradiation Preparations Accrding to Phosphorylated Hyston H2AX and Micro-nucleus Test

M.A. Ignatov, T.M. Blokhina,, L.P. Sycheva,, N.U. Vorobyeva, A.N. Osipov,, L.M. Rozhdestvensky
pp. 585-591

Antiapoptotic Effects of Caffeine, Genistein and Verapamil in Relation to UV-Irradiated Lymphocyte Cells

M.A. Nakvasina, E.V. Tokmakova, I.A. Koltakov, V.G. Artyukhov
pp. 592-598

Evaluation of Radiomodifying Effect of Creatine on Survival, Liver Creatine-Creatine Kinase System, Hepatocytes Nucleus-Nucleolar Apparatus and Peripheral Blood Cells of Rats

L.S. Nersesova, M.S. Petrosyan, E.M. Karalova, A.S. Avetisyan, L.O. Abroyan, L.A. Akopian, Z.A. Karalyan, J.I. Akopian
pp. 599-609

Estimation of the Contents Calmodulin and Ca2+ in Blood Cells of Kows Exposed to of Total External Action of γ-Radiation T.S. Shevchenko

T.S. Shevchenko
pp. 610-618

Influence of Multiple and Chronic Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation of the Mobile Communication frequency Range on the Behavior and Cognitive Functions of the Rat Brain

L. N. Pavlova*, O. I. Kolganova, O.S. Izmestyeva, V.V. Panfilova, L.P. Zhavoronkov
pp. 619-626

Complex Approach in Assessment of the Ecological Status of Aquatories N. N. Tereshchenko*, V. Yu. Proskurnin, A. A. Paraskiv

N. N. Tereshchenko, V. Yu. Proskurnin, A. A. Paraskiv
pp. 627-642

Current State of Studies on 90Sr Behavior in the Soil/Agricultural Plants System (Overview)

N.I. Sanzharova, I.V. Geshel, D.V. Krylenkin, E.V. Gordienko
pp. 643-655

Dynamics of 137Cs Accumulation in the Bottom Sediments of Shekino Reservoir During Post-Chernobyl Period

M.M. Ivanov, A.L. Figurine, N.N. Ivanova, A.V. Konoplev, E.A. Konstantinov, N.V. Kuzmenkova, E.V. Terskaya, V.N. Golosov,
pp. 656-668

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