Archives 2018 Vol. 58, No. 2

Vol. 58, No. 2, 2018


Cytogenetic indicators in patients and healthy residents of the bryan and kaluga regions contaminated by radionuclides

Ivanova T.I., Mkrtchyan L.S., Antoschina M.M., Fesenko E.V., Horohorina V.A., Ovsyannikova N.S., Parshin V.S., Sychenkova H.I., Ragulin Yu.A., Zharikova I.A., Ryabchenko N.I., Krikunova L.I.
pp. 117-125

Modification of Radiocerebral Effects by Мodified Gas Medium

Ushakov I.B., Fyodorov V.P.
pp. 126-145

Regularities in the Formation and Elimination of γH2AX/53ВР1 Foci after y-Ray and Accelerated Heavy Ion Irradiation

Zadneprianetc M.G. , Boreyko Α.V. , Bulanova T.S. , Jezkova L. , Krasavin E.A. , Kulikova E.A. , Smirnova E.V., Falk M., Falkova I.
pp. 146-156

Peculiarities of Dynamics of Peripheral Blood Cell Composition in Exposed Individuals in the Period Prior to Chronic Myeloleukemia Development

Akleyev A.A.
pp. 157-165

Activity Concentration of 137CS, 238PU, 239+240PU and 241AM in Feces of Wild Hoofed Animals Inhabiting the Exclusion Zone of Chernobyl NPP

Nikitin A.N., Shurankova O.A., Cheshyk I.A., Kalinichenko S.A., Korol R.A.
pp. 166-173

Tritium Specific Activity in Snow Cover of Nuclear Explosion Venues

Turchenko D.V., Lukashenko S.N., Aidarkhanov A.O., Lyakhova O.N.
pp. 174-182

Radionuclides in Soil in the Areas of Forest Fires on the Territory of the Exclusion Zone in the Republic of Belarus

Sadchikov V.I., Bondar Yu. I., Zabrotski V.N., Kalinin V.N., Brown J.E., Dowdall M.
pp. 183-194

The State of Microbiome inside the Premises of the Fourth Unit of Chernobyl NPP

Pareniuk O. Yu. , Shavanova K.E., Illienko V.V., Nanba K., Simutin I.O. , Samofalova D.A. , Pibalka V.B., Gudkov I.N.
pp. 195-204

Accumulation of 90Sr in Murine Rodents of the East Ural Radioactive Trace Zone: Influence of Mineral Density of the Bone

Starichenko V.I.
pp. 205-213

Methodological Support of Radiobiological Experiments on the "Panorama" Facility

Lichagin A.A., Ulyanenko S.E., Koryakin S.N., Ulyanenko L.N., Chernukha A.E., Pugachev R.M., Brovin A.I.
pp. 214-221

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