Archives 2018 Vol. 58, No. 1

Vol. 58, No. 1, 2018


DNA Damage-Independent Cell Cycle Arrest in the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Koltovaya N.A.
pp. 5-14

Radiation Biology of Structurally Different Drosophila Genes. Report VI. The cinnabar Gene: Sequence Analysis of γ- and Neutron-induced Gene/Point Mutations

Alexandrova M.V.
pp. 15-25

Enhanced Radiosensitization of Tumor Cells by Means of Combination of Inhibitors of Chaperone Activity and Chaperone Expression

Kudryavtsev V.A., Khokhlova A.V., Selivanova E.I., Mosina V.A., Makarova Yu. M., Kabakov A.E.
pp. 26-34

Increase of Rat Radioresistency after Exhaustive Exercise: Hematology Reactions

Ivanov S.D., Morozov V.I.
pp. 35-44

Cytogenetic Disturbances in the Cells of the Bone Marrow as a Possible Side Effect of Laser Therapy (Experimental Study)

Bulyakova N.V., Azarova V.S.
pp. 45-52

Enzymological Effects of the Low-intensity Electromagnetic Radiation With the 1800 MHz Frequency

Petrosyan M.S., Nersesova L.S., Gazaryants M.G., Malakyan M.H., Akopian J.I.
pp. 53-58

Assessing Contamination Levels of “Experimental Field” Ground with Technogenic Uranium at the Semipalatinsk Test Site

Koigeldinova M.T., Lukashenko S.N., Mukhamediyarov N. Zh., Umarov M.A.
pp. 59-73

Time Dynamics of Cytogenetic Effects in Chronically Exposed Scots Pine Populations

Geras'kin S.A., Kuzmenkov A.G., Vasiliyev D.V.
pp. 74-84

Assessment of Dynamics of 137Cs and 90Sr Uptake in Higher Aquatic Vegetation in Water Reservoirs of Different Types in the Belorussian Sector of the ChNPP Exclusion Zone

Kalinichenko S.A.
pp. 85-97

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Are the authors provided with pdf files of their articles?

Yes, authors are provided with pdf filesThe files are sent to the authors' addresses specified in the file "Information about authors".

What is time from submission of the article to its publication?

The average period from submission to first decision in last year was 30 days, and that from first decision to acceptance was 40 days. The rejection rate for submitted manuscripts in last year was 15%.

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