Archives 2018 Vol. 58, No. 6

Vol. 58, No. 6, 2018


Delayed Changes in the Frequency of Unstable Chromosomal Aberrationsand the CNA-Genetic Landscape of Blood Leukocytes in People Exposedto Long-Term Occupational Irradiation

Khalyuzova M.V., Litviakov N.V.,,, Takhauov R.M.,, Isubakova D.S.,, Usova T.V., Bronikovskaya E.V., Takhauova L.R., Karpov А.B.,
pp. 565-573

Evaluation of 137Cs Mutagenic Activity in the Fruit Bodies of the Symbiotrophic Basidiomycetes in the Test for Recessive Lethal Mutationsin X-Chromosome of Drosophila

Barabanova L.V., Ivanov D.M., Efremova M.A.
pp. 574-580

Dose Dependence of Hypermethylation of Gene Promoters in Blood Leukocytesin Humans Occupationally Exposed to External γ-Radiation

Kuzmina N.S., Lapteva N. Sh., Rusinova G.G., Azizova T.V., Vyazovskaya N.S., Rubanovich A.V.
pp. 581-588

Evaluation of Contribution of Homologous Recombination in DNA Double-Strand Break Repair in Human Fibroblasts after Exposure to Low and Intermediate Doses of X-Ray Radiation

Grekhova A.K.,,, Pustovalova M.V.,, Eremin P.S., Ozerov I.V., Maksimova O.A., Gordeev A.V., Vorobyeva N. Yu.,, Osipov A.N.,
pp. 589-596

Radioprotective Effects in Combined Use of NO-SynthaseInhibitor T1023 and Mexamine

Filimonova M.V., Makarchuk V.M., Filimonov A.S., Chesnakova E.A., Shevchenko L.I., Shevchuk A.S., Surinova V.I.
pp. 597-607

Estimation of the Effects of Radiation Countermeasure Agentson the Expression of Mouse Bone Marrow Genes and microRNAsin a Remote Period after Low Dose Rate γ-Radiation

Rozhdestvensky L.M., Mikhailov V.F., Shulenina L.V., Raeva N.F., Saleeva D.V.
pp. 608-618

Potentiative Effect of Normobaric Hyperoxia on Indralin Radiation Protective Action in Hematopoietic Tissues

Vasin M.V., Ushakov I.B.,, Koroleva L.V., Antipov V.V.
pp. 619-623

Effects of the Combined Action of the Magnetic Field of Industrial Frequency (50 Hz) and Irradiation at a Dose of 1.0 Gy in Blood and Reproductive System of Male Rats

Vereschako G.G., Cheshik I.A., Chueshova N.V., Shalatonin V.I., Goroch G.A., Bakshayeva M.A., Tsukanova E.V., Kazlou A.Y.
pp. 624-632

Mobile Communication and Electromagnetic Chaos in the Assessmentof Population Health Hazards. Who is Responsible?

Grigoriev Yu. G.,
pp. 633-645

Cytogenetic effects of Electromagnetic Radiation of Radio-Frequency Rangeon Irradiated Experimental Animals and Their Posterity

Shibkova D.Z., Shilkova T.V., Ovchinnikova A.V., Yefimova N.V.
pp. 646-652

Spatial Distribution of Chernobyl 137Cs, Stable 133Cs and Heavy Metalsin Litter of Spruce Forest

Lipatov D.N., Shcheglov A.I., Manakhov D.V., Mamikhin S.V.
pp. 653-663

Geochronological Reconstruction of Plutonium Depositioninto the Deep Black Sea Bottom Sediments

Proskurnin V. Yu., Tereshchenko N.N., Chuzhikova-Proskurnina O.D., Gulin S.B.
pp. 664-670

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