Archives2023Vol. 63, № 2pp. 186–198


137Cs Pollution in Soils and Plants of Urban Ecosystems Near the Elektrostal Heavy Machinery Plant

D. N. Lipatov, V. A. Varachenkov, D. V. Manakhov, S. V. Mamikhin, A. I. Shcheglov

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Soil Science Faculty, Moscow, Russia


In urban ecosystems to the west of the Elektrostal Heavy Machinery Plant, 6 years after the radiation incident, local areas with a total area of 0.2 km2 with an increased equivalent dose rate of γ radiation of 0.15–0.40 μSv/hour and a high specific activity of 137Cs reaching 8328–8740 Bq/kg in the upper soil horizons were identified. Statistically significant direct correlations were noted between the specific activity of 137Cs in a layer of 0–10 cm of soil and the equivalent dose rate of γ radiation at the surface and height of 1 meter. The types of vertical distribution of 137Cs in soils of polluted urban ecosystems, including those on which earth decontamination works were carried out, have been determined. The calculated 137Cs transfer coefficients increase in row of tree: Salix alba < Sórbus aucupária < Ácer platanoídes <Malus domestica < Alnus incana < Ácer negúndo; and grassy vegetation: Týpha angustifólia < Artemísia vulgáris < Tussilágo fárfara < Cirsium arvense< Urtíca dióica.


Radiocesium, radiation situation, radiation monitoring, urban ecosystems, soil profile, urban soils, decontamination measures, transfer coefficient of 137Cs

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